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I realized I haven't posted a REAL update on life.

I finished recording the split EP with A-ron that I've been talking about oh soo much.
Next step. Honestly, I'm lost. I'm over it. I don't really know what to do with it. The thing that's been running through my mind... I'm gonna get it pressed AND THEN WHAT!?
We sell it? Who's gonna buy it? Close friends are gonna expect free copies, and close friends are really gonna be the ONLY ones interested in buying it. I spent ALOT of time recording it, but as of late I'm just OVER IT.
I haven't been able to write and finish a new song in the longest time, and it's kind of annoying.
I'm trying to think of the best way to put out the CD as best as possible without being cheap, but without putting too much money into it because I know, NOONE IS GONNA GIVE A SHIT.
Who wants to buy acoustic music anyway? Unless you're slightly famous and come from a well established band.
I can't push my music on Christian's either. That would be the easy thing to do, but I don't praise god on any of my songs, and I use his name in vain. And lie to him.

I mean, I love the Anthony Green CD as much as the next guy, but it bugs me to see/ hear "Fuck Avalon is SOOOO amazing. It's the best record EVER"
It's ok. It's a good solid album, but it's also a bit repetitive. I can't listen to it more than once in a week. It gets old FAST.
aHe's unique, I love his voice, but it's nothing amazing. BUT it is something unique that NOONE should try to replicate. You'll fail miserably. Anthony Green has such a distinctive sound.
Circa Survive wouldn't be the same without it. (but at the same time Circa Survive's music is f-ing awesome.)
And BECAUSE of Circa, and him being in Saosin (plus the fact that there is ALWAYS some sort of argument about Green-era Saosin being better yadayadayada) and him being seen as some god-like figure,
people listen and say "fuck yea man, this is amazing. Such an amazing record"
(Although, I do like the old demos, old versions of songs, Good Ol' War version of "Dear Child")

It's a bias we all have towards AT LEAST one artist.
(Kinda like how I suddenly have high hopes for Taking Back Sunday's future now that Matt Fazzi is in the band.)

I sadly don't have that advantage. I feel most of my friends support me because they're my friends, and mildly like the music, but if I wasn't their friend they wouldn't care.
I could think of a couple of my friends who go to my shows, but who don't stop cracking jokes and say they're kidding, when I have a feeling they're not. It bums me out.
But I get it, what's so great about watching a dude with a guitar sing about a girl while making references to events noone knows or cares about?
It's only meaningful if you were there, or knew what happened, and most people who do probably just think "and how long were you two together?"

I feel like it's obsolete sometimes. Like I should stop trying. Acoustic music is sooo hard to get people to listen to.
Especially when you got people listening to garbage like Millionaires, or Brokencyde or Breathe Carolina.
You know something is wrong when you have labels fronting money for shitty projects like that, and little 12 year olds are singing along and dancing to some shitbag screaming "Lets get freaky now, lets get fucking freaky now" like a moron.
Although I'm not blaming them for MY lack of success, I'm just had to throw in that there is some wrong with people's taste in music.

But I guess the good part in all of this, is that it's all personal.
The songs, the references, my performances, the places I play at, the way I reach out.

I CAN'T go around plugging my music in every conversation I get into, it annoys me when people do it to me.

"Oh, what'd I do today? I bought a sweater. Check out my band! ADD US! FOLLOW US ON TWITTER, ADD US ON FACEBOOK"

at least not in EVERY conversation I get in

I think I get more excited with my new band. Musically it's something I've been wanting for a while now.
There's only so much you can do with acoustic music before you start doing the same thing.
("There's That Side Effect..." being the last song I wrote, I think sounds too much like "Like A Blow to the Head" the 3rd song I wrote)
The name is Twin Suns and consists of some of the most talented musicians I've known for a while.
If I threw odd time metering parts at them, they'd get it in a heartbeat.
Notably, Lonnie (the singer/lead guitarist) is a fucking awesome singer and guitarist. His solos are the shit, and lyrics aren't stupid and repetitive.
Danny (sax/ keys/ vocals) is a dope sax player. Just have him stand there listen once, and think of the best sax part to fit there. On the newer songs, (especially the newest) I get chills when he comes in for a solo.

I am beyond grateful to be in a band with those two talented dudes.

Twin Suns also marks my return to drums in a band. I'm learning things on drums by just playing with them. I think that's my favorite part. We're also finally comfortable with each playing styles and I'm excited for you all to hear what we've been up to.
And REALLY excited for you all to see us live.



I've been taking singing lessons which have improved my live shows drastically. I'm doing a recital singing an italian song which I totally fell in love with within the first 2 chords of hearing it.
Although I think I'm singing an octave below. Oh well.

I got a call asking me if I'd be down to play drums for a band on Warped Tour. I'm giving up Mexico to do it. It's fucking Warped Tour. I get to see the country (and Canada). My first tour and it's gonna be a 2 month long one. I still have to try out for the band, but they heard Twin Suns and my older projects and liked what they heard.

I FINALLY talked to Tim Pagnotta from Sugarcult again. He just received copies from the Sugarcult live in Japan DVD. And he has a copy for me. After 6 months of hearing nothing, I get a copy of the finished product that I worked on. So excited to hear/see it. I spent seven 14 hour days editing drums for that. I learned sooo much through it. And got 500 dollars in the process.

School in the fall is looking more like an option and less like a necessity if things keep going the way they do.
I'm excited to see what my future has in store.

And it wont have a girl in it either. I'm too smart for that.

...or am I?
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