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on my mind

-MJ died
-I can´t be apart from an instrument for longer than 3 days
-Oddest birthday
-Dreaming about ex-girlfriends and good times with them is not good
-I wish LA worked the same way PV does. I can be out at 4 and get a taxi home, buy food, drinks, and NOT be broke. Everything is so cheap.
At the same time, I realized the worth of 10 cents. EVERY PENNY IS WORTH SOMETHING. IT ALL ADDS UP!
-I don´t miss home, I miss certain people. To be very honest, not very many people. To be even more honest, hardly anyone. I got all I need here. (with very few exceptions)
-I´ve had alot of time for thought.
-I´ve been here at this Internet cafe for an hour... I bet everyone left without me.
-I need a job, or more gnarly ass editing jobs.
-I want to fall in love.
-I saw Transformers 2 last night, shitty plot, but it was entertaining. Heaven scene was stupid. WHY WOULD THE PRIMES TALK TO SAM WHEN HE´S DEAD!?
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