Allen (deja0entendu) wrote,

Bye 2009!!!

I have mixed feelings about this year.
It's easy to look at all the bad stuff and just hate the year.
But there's SOOO much to look at and be thankful for.
     -I finally got my own room. 20 years of living in the den or with my sister, I finally have my room. I know it's a luxury not everyone has and most people probably never will. If that's not enough, I have a living room with it too. All which will double as my studio. I got my first custom built desk after the room was completed. Everything fell into place.
     -I finished a set of recordings that set the bar for anything I was to release in the future. Despite that fact that only a select few have heard it, I'm really proud of that. 
Allen Casillas/ Me Llamo Sol split WILL be released this coming year.
I actually RELEASED something I recorded, and that was Twin Suns' "Searching For A Reason"
Sure, it has it's flaws, but I'm proud of it. And all the work I did for it. Few people realize all the shit I went through trying to get that EP done. I made myself broke for a month just trying to get enough microphones. I used broken sticks, old dented drumheads, and extremely cracked and broken cymbals. But you wouldn't know that, would you?
     -I finished my first semester at a Community College. After a year of just talking about doing it, I actually did it. And I managed a full-time school schedule with a part-time work schedule.
     -I FINALLY started taking singing lessons like I've wanted to for the past 3 years. That school has opened a host of possibilities in my many areas of interest in my life.
Not limited to music either, but for the most part, they've helped me shape my music and take a different approach to writing.
     -I spent an amazing 2nd year at Greenwood Elementary, mostly with my kids (who I miss dearly). There's no feeling like the one you get when you know that you made a difference in a child's life. I still very much want to be an elementary school teacher, especially when I remember the great times I had with those kids. Seeing their faces light up when I would walk in the room was always a great start to my day. I'll never forget Angel's first good day, and all the compliments I was getting that week for all my work. Skateboarding to work, getting fed, crushing on subs, meeting interesting subs, Mrs. Pacheco, who I got really close to, and Maribel, who always made me laugh on a daily basis. The spaghetti talks, dirty language in the Comp Ed office, wasting time in C-2 making wall decorations, playing kickball with Eryn in empty classrooms, field trips, being a chaperon, getting stalked by 2nd graders, HAVING MY OWN CLASSROOM AND BEING A TEACHER ON MONDAY THROUGH THURSDAY. When I left, I was soooo sad. Stupid school schedule... but it was time. 
     -Getting my hotel job back! It came at the right moment. I literally left that school, and started back at the hotel the week after. Everything was falling into place then.
     -Speaking of falling: I saw her face, and I became a believer. Crushing like I've never crushed before. 
     -I lost some friends, but made new besties: Coreen, Eli, and Heather. These people mean soo much to me now, it's just nuts. Coreen and Eli... what can I say? They brought out the child in me again, and made it ok! I felt at home with them from the get go, and meeting their amazing families just made me glad to have made friends with them.
Heather, f'ing BFF forever? haha. From the first work shift I kinda figured we'd get close. You know, I just "know" these things. Her crazy ass, random, childish, but mature way of being has this infectious way of getting to you.... and I'll never forget the day we both cried to each other like little melodramatic teens. These 3 kept me sane and smiling when nothing else would this past fall.
     -Who could forget the Turtles little party stunt? Meetings, organizing, and drinking! Beer pong, parties in garages on shitty speakers. THE TWO HUGE PARTIES WE THREW! Fuuuuuck, getting compliments the whole about how our party was the best they'd ever been to. The male camaraderie was nice. The support we all gave each other. The acoustic shows, making beats, rapping. Good times. 
     -Playing Stars for the Arts. Goodness, that was just a life changing night. That night made me reconsider giving up on music and it's the reason I'm doing everything I'm doing now (or at least, preparing for it). Ford Amphitheater! Green Room! Food Spread! Interview! Dressing room! 30 minute long sound check! Jacinto! Zack (or Jack), performing with Eli, Eddie Spaghetti, making fun of Coreen, getting dubbed Turtle by the choir kids.
     -Joining choir. Who would have thought being in choir with a bunch of 12 year olds would be so fun?
     -My trip to beautiful Puerto Vallarta. And amazing San Sebastian. With the beach, and the mountain, the forest, taking taxis at 4am just to get drunk, smoking that muk (not), in the back of the truck, standing up, straight not giving a fuck!!! Meeting amazing, and welcoming family. Telling taxi drivers that Donovan and I were nephews of one of the guys running for president, clubbing, seeing Alex pick up, 10 cent arcade games with every game possible, good food, and the best birthday gift ever... not one, but TWO Flans!! Homemade by two different aunts. Yuuuum.
     -Seeing RX Bandits and Gavin Castleton in San Luis Obispo. Awesome fucking night!!!
     -Getting a real piano from free from some dude that used to go to LAMAS.
     -Breaking my writer's block and writing my catchiest song to date "The Killer Crush"

     -Clab moving back to Washington. There are nights where I wish he was here to give me his 25 year old advice. I had awesome times with that guy. I miss him, and 2010, I will visit him.
wait, how about I skip the bad stuff and look forward to a good year!?
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