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I hate Pro Tools, when bouncing down, you have to listen to the whole song in order for it to bounce.
Why can't it be like Audition, or Cubase, where it just does it in 30 seconds.

What if the song you're working on is a 30 minute masterpiece?

Long entry ahead, READ ON!

I think I really am in the final stages of the final mixes for the Me Llamo Sol/ Allen Casillas split
I've learned alot recently just comparing and listening. I managed to pick out the neat sounding stuff from my guitar, and weed out the ugly. And I see/hear the point of a low-pass and a DeEsser on vocals. No need for all that high end.
Now I just have to worry about the legal BS. (copyrights and such)
I know it's not necessary, but I REALLY want to do it. I could see more benefits in the long run.

Twin Suns finally finished a song we were calling "Machete". After about 3+ versions of it, I'm finally happy with this one.
"Racing" is sorta wack now. The bridge just has no balls. FAIL for this version...
Not that you know what I'm talking about...
in case you didn't know, I'm playing drums in a band again.
add us!

I did my first singing recital at LAMAS (The Los Angeles Music and Arts School)
I can tell you, I was really nervous singing before and after all these girls, who were all mostly 7 years younger than me...
I was the only boy doing the recital, and the only one over 18. There was this one dude, but he was too good to be a student I think...
After getting to know most of them I felt comfortable around them. They're all so awesome, and inviting. I felt right at home with all of them. It reminded me of Elementary school. Before any drama, everyone is friends with each other. etc...
It was nice. I hope to see them all again soon.
btw, my teacher rules. Marisa is her name. She's soooooo awesome. Great teacher, I bet if she taught the MHS choir, they'd be good.

I GOT MY COPY OF THE SUGARCULT DVD I WORKED ON!!!!! My name is listed under "Pro Tools Engineer and Editor"
My first real credit, and it's a Sugarcult product. YES! I might get more work from Tim. He's sooo dope.
It's cool, we watched part of it at his house and it was funny to see the regular, chill Tim next to me, and the anime-ish looking Tim playing and singing on stage at the same time.
I lol'd.
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