Allen (deja0entendu) wrote,

This past weekend.

So Last night's party was pretty cool. Aaron and I played acoustic sets. I hadn't really practiced or touched my guitar WHATSOEVER.

My guitar playing was terribly off on one song, I hadn't touched any of those songs AT ALL. (It feels like a drag to practice them)
But stoked that my sing was kinda spot on with the exception of the first song. I was still trying to get used to singing my own songs in the beginning of the set. But that just shows me I've been learning alot in my singing lessons. I gotta make sure to thank Marisa, my singing teacher, when I see her. I found out she wont be giving private lessons anymore since she got a job teaching a high school choir. She's soooo awesome, and picky, which I love because she's getting me to shoot for my best.
Anyway, I was happy with the show because I knew if I HAD practiced, it probably would have been the best performance I've ever had.

I tracked Danny's sax parts and vocals on Friday, for the Twin Suns stuff and I was being very picky, but he was being very supportive of the fact. I even helped him out with some of the higher notes. I was stoked. Marisa HAS helped alot.
You know you've learned something when you can teach it.

and I strongly hate when my band gets mad at me for being picky with bad notes, and bad timing.
I have to disagree with them and say "no, bad notes aren't cool, you aren't being original"
But they feel they are. And I'm only one person to disagree. Besides, I'll prolly get over it.

After the party last night, and after a great conversation with likewordvomit, I felt different.
I saw things through a different set of eyes. I felt different too.
I wish I could really explain why.

Are mature people just unhappy people?
People could say I'm immature, childish... you know I'm into things kids are into. But I'm happy with that, I'm perfectly fine with that. I feel when I do "adult" things like just be boring and stand there I'm unhappy.
I like to run, play hide and go seek, play Pokemon.
I have great respect for strangers and I'm courteous and polite. (that has nothing to do with maturity)
I have great grammar and spelling and punctuation except I like to overuse the word "and" when I blog. (nothing to do with maturity)
But here's my point...
wait, I have no point. People that just suddenly decide to "be mature" are dumb. I take back alot of things I've said recently.
Be yourself, don't try to fit to anyone's mold. Most importantly,

Oh yea, I'm 20, and I've never had sex. Nor is sex on my top of the priority list.
GET THE FUCK OVER IT. You love it? Great, that's fine, but don't try to dump your "you're young, just fuck" philosophy. It's senseless.

Is inebriation REALLY for everyone?

and no, I'm not talking about Steven last night, getting so shitfaced he had his head sunk into his knees for two hours and then blowing chunks 4 times till his stomach emptied out... it was his night, I woulda gotten shit faced too.

I'm talking about people who are so happy, they look stupid.
Maybe I'm just jealous they were having such a good time while I just thought about alot of stuff.
Gotta love life.
New chapter in life.

Growing old. And balancing the inner child with life's priorities.

With that I include not being scared around Zaira. Heeeyyyyoooo
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